Behind Every Rx is a Patient..


"At Apogee Bio Pharm we are committed to partnering with both patients and providers alike to achieve optimal outcomes. We create a continuum of care through which our main goal is to make your life easier. We do this through collaboration - evolving our practices to not only meet your needs and expectations, but also the needs of your patients. It is our firm believe that behind every Rx is a patient and it is our desire to treat each patient like family. Apogee isn’t merely a pharmacy; we are your partner in care."



Apogee Bio Pharm was built on the principle that behind every Rx there is a patient and we pride ourselves in helping clients achieve optimal outcomes when it comes to treatment. To achieve this, Apogee provides clinical programs aimed at maximizing the benefits of medication therapy.

The Apogee clinical team has over 25 years’ experience in specialty medications, compliance monitoring, medication therapy management, chronic disease education, long term care, and patient care. We focus on proactively providing you the information you need to best manage your chronic illness.

When it comes to Prescribers Apogee offers an extensive array of services to enhance their practice. As a partner and a resource, Prescribers can offer an extended care setting to continue and follow clients’ care plan even if certain services cannot be supported in office.