Behind Every Rx is a Patient..


Our Pharmacy Services extend to both our Patients and our Prescriber partners. At Apogee we work diligently to operate seamlessly between patients and prescribers; providing an integrated technology-driven solution, ensuring increased patient adherence and compliance. Through both medication and compliance programs partnered with therapy regimens, Apogee has created a unique continuum of care that seeks to educate and engage patients throughout the lifetime of therapy regimens. Apogee is your partner in care.  


Apogee Bio Pharm is about more than just dispensing your medication. We stand behind our mission that “Behind Every Rx is a Patient” and we work hard to ensure that you, the patient, is gets the medication and care you need, when you need it.

Through educational materials, programs, comprehensive treatment plans, medication refill reminders, and so much more, Apogee is your partner in health and it is our goal to make your pharmacy experience as seamless and positive as possible. We achieve this by making it our mission to have your medication ready when you need it and providing you with the comfort of knowing that we can deliver to your home, work, or physician’s office – whatever is most convenient for you. Our pharmacy services for patients include but are not limited to:

  • Personalized treatment and care plans
  • Eligibility and benefits investigation
    • Copay assistance programs
  • Customer Care Team 
  • ASPRx patient portal access - easy access to your prescriptions - 24/7
    • Online scheduling
    • Refill reminders through SMS text
    • Tracking capabilities - know exactly when your medications will arrive
  • Patient adherence and compliance programs
  • Comprehensive physical assessments by Pharm D
    • Medication consultation
    • Review of therapy
  • Pharmacist consultation and review of therapy
  • Customized Delivery Solutions



For our Prescribers we seek to serve as an extension of your organizations. Our clinical staff works directly with your team to make the referral process seamless and efficient, and to ensure your patients get the unmatched service they deserve by leveraging our clinical expertise and dedication to customized care. Our prescriber services include but are not limited to:

  • Personalized treatment and care plans for patients
  • Injection therapy outside of a hospital setting
  • Assigned account management team
  • 24 to 72-hour time frame for Initiation and prescriber follow up
  • Eligibility and benefits coordination
  • Patient adherence and compliance programs and monitoring
  • Scheduling and billing
  • Comprehensive physical assessments
  • Customized delivery solution
    • Medication delivery tracking
    • To prescribers office or patient's home
  • Online scheduling
  • Inter-pharmacy/doctor-pharmacy messaging
  • Online referral forms
  • Therapy tracking and reporting