Behind Every Rx is a Patient..


Welcome to Apogee Bio Pharm! We are proud to be your specialty and mail order pharmacy provider and look forward to serving you and your family. The Apogee Pharmacy team is dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service and ensuring all medications are shipped timely and accurately. When you enroll with Apogee Mail Order, you can rest assured that our pharmacy team will be working on your behalf to: 

  • Obtain original prescriptions for your first time fill and request for all future refills 
  • Perform medication refill calls to member, confirming your medication needs and mailing address 
  • Review each new prescription and confirm any potential medication conflicts and allergy interactions by our Registered Pharmacist 
  • Pass along cost savings by offering manufacturer coupon discounts on select brand drugs when available 
  • Provide Daily Dose Packs, when requested, for members taking 5 or more maintenance medications 
  • Provide Free Shipping on all orders including temperature controlled medications