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Corporate Flu Program

Hosting a flu shot clinic is an effective way to save your company time and money while promoting an overall workplace environment of health, vitality, and productivity. Immunized adults have a demonstrated reduction in lost work days and doctor visits which means a healthier and more productive staff.

Use the below calculator to see what your return on investment is for hosting a Flu Clinic for your employees. Apogee provides both an on-site and off-site program for you and your employees.

On-Site Program

Off-Site Program

Flu Statistics

  • Every year, between 15 and 60 million Americans get the flu.
  • CDC estimates that around 15% of your workforce will get the flu every year.
  • Average cost of a lost workday for a single employee is $200.
  • Experts estimate that the flu causes as much as $10 billion in lost wages annually.
  • Average sick time off for an employee with the flu is 5 days.
  • As many as 70 million work days are missed due to the flu, nationally.
  • Companies average over $5 billion in lost productivity.